Why We Need Open-Pollinated Corn

I was driving down the road the other day and looking at the hybrid corn fields whizzing past. They were all in nice neat rows, with plants all the same height, with ears of corn all growing out of the stalk at exactly the same internode, with one stalk per seed planted, with one ear of corn per plant. Practically perfect uniformity! I paused to reflect on what my open-pollinated corn field looks like: nice, neat rows but vastly varying heights, ears of corn coming out at all different points on the stalk, some stalks with two to three ears of corn, some with up to five stalks coming from a single seed. A veritable mish-mash of diversity!

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The Marriage of Opposites

God is all about marriage. Carl Jung defined god as "the coincidence of opposites". Now, while God (as my father pointed out to me) is much more than that, being the all-at-once (or all-in-all) is very true of Him. I see this at the farm all the time. In creation, land and plants and animals are wed.

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